Award-Winning TV presenter, Roseby has worked across many networks and channels often putting tounge firmly in cheek and the night-time into daytime from consumer to arts, lifestyle to live chat.  

Roseby's first foray on TV was as a reporter for ITV on a show called Schofield's Quest. His first mission was to search for the Beast Of Bodmin Moor. All he found was a Liberal MP, but he put his probing interviewing technique to the test which turned the normally calm, most liberal of liberal MPs in to something of a beast himself. And so a career was launched. Fifteen years later there haven't been many crashes, although there have been some near misses!


For Arts/Documentary: When Romeo Met Juliet, BBC 2, (2010); The Culture Show, BBC2, (2008); Bitesize R and J, CBBC  (2008); The Making of Merchant of Venice, BBC Education (2005); Office Rage, Channel 5 (1999).

For Factual/Lifestyle Entertainment: Great Food Live (2005); Good Food Live at The Royal Opera House (2004); Good Food Live (2003/ 04); Hi Lo Club (2004); Kitchen Takeover, (2003); Flavours of Britain, (2002)  - all for UKTV Food;  Who Do You Think You Are? (2004); Design ER  (2002/03); Fab Pads (2002); Gardening Madness (2003); Paul Roseby Weekend (2003); Christmas Live (2001/02); Style Street (2000/01); Weekend Away (2001) - all for UKTV Style; One to Win (2000); 5's Company (1998/99) both for Channel 5;  Heaven and Earth (2004) Backstage (1999); Really Useful Show (1997/98); Great Escape (1999) - all for BBC1; A Date With Love (1998); Schofield's Quest (1995/6) - both for ITV1.

TV Presenter Showreel edited in 2010