Roseby has a good voice and some would say, face, for Radio.

Paul is a regular commentator and guest on many BBC Radio 4 programmes including most recently (2008-2010): Start The Week; Saturday Live; Midweek; The Today Programme; You and Yours. Also for Radio 4 he has written and presented two four part series called Fabulous Flops and More Fabulous Flops, from 2004 to 2007; and created and presented Pilots That Never Flew (2009/10).

Roseby was at the very start of Radio 5, as a reporter on youth shows The Mix and Euro Mix and was Danny Bakers regular muse and sidekick on his breakfast show. Previous to that, he presented shows on commercial networks such as Liberty Radio where he hosted his weekend show for three years. Liberty's previous incarnation was as the first female radio station called 'Viva!'. Roseby was the only male to present a weekly show on that station which he took as a compliment. Mercifully.

His radio career is something of a miracle given his first foray as an entertainment reporter on BBC GLR (now BBC LDN) ended in tears when at the tender age of 22, Roseby had not learnt the rules of what you can and cant say live on air! A certain Hollywood Star and a certain furry rodent were given the Roseby treatment and were linked together - emotionally and phsyically. After getting calls from lawyers and The Sun newspaper, Roseby's boss - the soon to be 'axe-man of Radio 1' Mr Mathew Bannister,  practiced his axe-wielding skills on the young innocent (or should that be stupid) Roseby. Thankfully everybody involved has lived happily ever after - allegedly!

Roseby still appears regularly as a guest on BBC 5 Live, BBC London and Talk Radio. 

To contact Paul about radio appearances please contact Joe Duggan - / 0203 696 7057

Bryan Forbes Tribute 023.jpg
“Critics Choice”
— BBC Radio 4’s Fabulous Flops written and presented by Paul Roseby
“Roseby’s deft insertion of killing last words makes this series irresistible”
— Daily Telegraph on BBC Radio 4’s Fabulous Flops written and directed by Paul Roseby
“Radio Choice - Paul Roseby brings us car-crash documentary at its best, telling the stories of the biggest West End failures”
— The Times
“He’s simply a very funny man, More Fabulous Flops provides him with a wonderful vehicle for his well-honed sense of the ridiculous”
— Sunday Express on BBC Radio 4’s More Fabulous Flops written and presented by Paul Roseby